Thursday 23 January 2020

You can’t miss this wreck when you take a walk along the river Yar.

In fact, this wreck is a metaphor of Yarmouth in the future after the school closure!
It shall never sink, but only because it’s supported by the muddy rotten bottom😭
The captain of HMS Wight (AKA the council) is about to make another critical bad decision.
Their loyal crews may have a few hundred pounds of pay rise?
Their family member gets a better promotion perhaps??
Is multi million pounds shiny new building that important???
Or is it the Yarmouth school land that has a gold mine????
Whatever the motivation is, their brain wash is SO strong...
They’re doing it AGAINST pupils’, parents’, and the whole community’s will...
We are not interested in any of them above.
We just want them to leave us alone.
Ok, let’s forget about the democracy.
This is how things work on the Isle of Wight.
It has always been.
Maybe we were too naive.
We shouldn’t perhaps waste our time any more.
Live like this for the rest of our life, or simply jump off the ship, and go to the mainland!
Sorry, it’s gone a bit too far🤣
(Or maybe not!)
What is worse is, this is happening on the school!
HOW can we explain whole thing to our children🧐
They have seen their parents fighting for their wee democracy😭
Could anyone give us a tip?
Other than pushing our back off the ship which we love and belong to??

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