Yarmouth school Part 2

Wednesday 8 January 2020

Part 2 from the previous post🌿

Those parents who took risk should not be punished for the achievement, that’s how we feel...
We don’t want a shiny brand new massive school building...
In fact, we don’t want anything.
We just want to be left alone...as it is, as happy we are!
Another thing that we are concerned is...the way the council approached us.
Cut short, it was:
1) accept the proposal of closing Yarmouth Primary School (or “move”🀨 to Freshwater, as they say)
2) Or, they could force and “kill” the Yarmouth school, then all the staff would lose their jobs.
This proposal/threatening was made AFTER they took the survey which turned out that almost 90% of the parents were absolutely happy to send kids to Yarmouth.
And obviously the whole community was against the fact of losing the school from Yarmouth.
We feel, this approach from the council is not so much far worser than North Korean way!
This should certainly not be happening in modern Britain...
And if this is how things work on the Isle of Wight, it’s sad, embarrassing, and pretty humiliating!
We very much hope it’s not the case...
If so, something is clearly not quite right somewhere up there.
We believe that this important decision should not be made by a small number of people who have something whatever it is personal in their mind.
So now we have two favours...
Firstly, if you could write an email to the consultation, it would definitely help.
(Deadline: 9th January😱)
Secondly, if you personally know the leading councillor for the Yarmouth school closure: Paul Brading
Or a governor Tina Griffiths,
PLEASE give them a massive hugπŸ₯°
They’re amazing people...only being “brain washed” by someone somewhere up there.
And we truly believe that this proposal is NOT their idea...because it’s way too bad in terms of challenging our democracy!
Your hugs may break their brain wash and bring them back to life.
And we are ready welcoming them back to this amazing community on this beautiful islandπŸ₯°
Thank you for reading...
Do apologise for writing rather too honest feeling, but we have nothing to lose now.
Wish us luck🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞

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