wedding/party in Vintage Yarmouth style??

Monday 30 December 2019

Sorry for being quiet for a while...
We must admit that we were totally “Christmased out” after our Xmas Market😭😭😭
Hope you aren’t suffering too much from the “festive” period like us🤣🤣🤣
In fact, we had a bit of time to think about what to do in the new year.
Still too early to make it official, but we may be able to offer you a wedding/party venue set up in our style?
We “learnt” SO MUCH from this Xmas market (mainly trouble shooting 🤣).
At the same time, we made amazing friendship with so many talented artists on the Isle of Wight!
We could offer:
A Marquee with decoration
Flowers, plants, wreath, and bouquet
Vintage car hire
Live music
Food and drink catering
Invitation design
Bespoke wedding rings
Bridesmaids gifts
Wedding dress and suits, including handmade shoes
And many more!
What do you think...!?!?
We’re thinking to ask every artist involved to spare a proportion of the profit (lets say 3%?), and we could raise money for the Yarmouth School this way!
Obviously we can’t do this every week(😂).
But maybe 3 or possibly 5 events a year?
Would you, or any friends be interested in getting married in Vintage Yarmouth style??
Would love to hear your opinion😊 @ Yarmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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