Thursday 5 December 2019

We are very thrilled to have one of the most successful leather brands on the Isle of Wight this weekend!
The Ventnor based designer Abbie makes all her leather items from scratch, by herself
We love her design, branding, and the way she combines the material:
Matte leather, shiny leather, and cork!
They would be perfect gifts for your family and friends living on the mainland too...
We think Xmas would be a great opportunity to show them what talents we’ve got on the island!
Come and meet Abbie this weekend🌲🌲🌲
If you have a story behind your gift, we’re sure she would love to know.
Perhaps she would also tell you a story behind the item!
Feel free to talk to the designers at the Yarmouth Xmas Market...
That’s one of the main meanings of this event:
Being interactive, and get inspired to each other
Just an idea😊 @ Vintage Yarmouth

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