Friday 9 August 2019

We must admit that we haven’t got much luck when it comes to ice cream stallsπŸ˜–
Last year, and the year before, they all didn’t turn up!
(well, one came 2 hours late, then went home 2 hours earlier than plannedπŸ˜…)
Also not sure how many times we visited Minghella Ice Cream HQ to get their vintage FIAT850 ice cream van around.
But nothing happened...
It disappointed not only us, but most importantly you guys.
Over 2000 visitors were left without an ice’s a crimeπŸ˜‚
So lesson learnt...
This year, we booked two ice cream peopleπŸ‘
And one of them is this tremendous looking ice cream tricycle!
Aren’t they just perfect...
Can’t wait🍦🍦🍦


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