Friday 12 October 2018

Not many people know, even many islanders don't even realise that this side of Yarmouth exists...

It's at the other side of the main road, though the quiet residential area, then all of the sudden you find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

The creek is covered with these distinctive plants which only grow in salty marshland.
Ship wreck with fog hovering, all start glowing in pink as the sun rise...you are where all the wild birds are!

But the true beauty of this estuary is, it's literally a minute way from this amazing cafe...!

Off The Rails

This cafe is a conversion of the old Yarmouth Rail Station.
After being disused for over 60 years, the local couple took this building and turned it into this fantastic place to eat and drink!

The terrace is directly facing to the nature reserve meadow.
From (very) young to elderly, it's just so great for everyone.

With the French head chef and a team of vibrant staff here, you will have a very decent cooked breakfast, amazing range of the lunch menu, as well as tea and cake which are all home made.

A special note would be their weekly Sunday Roast.
You definitely want to book a table even in the middle of the winter...
Roaring log fire, with the autumnal long sun coming in, you will have an absolutely fantastic time with your friends and family, guaranteed.

They added a depth to the town for sure, introducing the whole new another side of Yarmouth in style.
Well done!

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