Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale 2018

Thursday 30 August 2018

What a day...
We are totally speechless!

Over TWO thousand antique lovers got together at this small patch of the field in Yarmouth...
The atmosphere was just incredible!

It was a bit of a drama to get there, but the ending was pretty dramatic for this year’s Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale indeed!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing these smiles in people's faces...

And that made sellers in smiley faces too of course!


Local kids selling their old toys could be an exception perhaps...
Can you imagine how sentimental it could be for them to get apart with their toys😭

But in general, the field was completely filled up with the happy vibes!

We had over 40 vintage cars this year.
Some of them are very rare.

Mind blowing Company B's performance came in at 1pm...

As well as the wood fired pizza Citroen Van, the Bedford Coach converted vegan stall Tangy's Pantry was pretty busy...

This year's highlight was local Freshwater Bay based artist/illustrator Zoe Sadler.
She is an author of 4 children's books and her caravan was a pop up book shop!

The bell tent was filled up with the mid summer smell of straw bales...
The kids LOVED her story telling! 

Also local Brighstone based artist Manda's Treefall design was very popular.

Inspiring younger generation was also our aim this year.

We wanted to offer something beyond just selling and buying old thing...so we are very delighted that people loved these artist's stalls!

And the finale was...this incredible performance by Lizzie Back.
She blew away the audience, the whole field, and the entire Yarmouth town!

 The Isle of Wight is full of talents and potentials.
It was more than enough to remind ourselves indeed...

So a MASSIVE thank you to both those who visited and participated...it was a truly unforgettable day.

Hope you enjoyed the moment as much as we did, and we’d love to see how your day went!
So that’d be really cool if you could tag us on your pictures on Instagram or Facebook...



Next event may stay unconfirmed, but these positive messages and smiles definitely get us going!

Thank you again...

What a beautiful day it was, with beautiful cars, beautiful people, on the beautiful island.

For now, have a lovely rest of the summer.
And hopefully see you again next year!

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