Saturday 18 August 2018

As tourism being one of the biggest resources for the Isle of Wight businesses, it's so easy for the shops to get carried away with selling what "they" want, rather than what "we" want...

People come here to get inspiration from the island lifestyle.
And shouldn't we be the ones who know it the best, and able to inspire them the most?

PHG Cowes truly represents the most ideal and tasteful island lifestyle.
And every visitor LOVES it!

That's how you do it...
This shop is the finest example of the island retail business.

Well, it may not grow massive.
But...should you!?

The most important thing is, we enjoy the island style we love!


This little shop, backing to the sea, sells sandals, candles, smocks, plants and antiques...anything that is filtered through their great taste.

The people behind are Dawn and Max.
They were with us at the last year's Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale with their red Ford truck.
And you will certainly remember their stall full of amazing vintage items from their house! 

The mid-century style with a touch of industrial, rustic, utilitarian taste...
They are undoubtedly the best life style shop on the Isle of Wight.

It's great to have them...
It's great to know...Isle of Wight is a trendy and inspiring place!

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