Friday 6 July 2018

With friends, relatives, grannies, and grand children...
The isle of Wight would be a perfect destination for a big family "Grand Tour" in many ways.

It's not far at all yet you will enjoy a ferry trip of crossing the sea.
And we have everything for everyone!

There are so many lovely holiday cottages in Yarmouth so we are thinking to introduce some of them from the "vintage" point of view.

First off...it's River Cottage!
This house particularly is most suited to a big family stay.

It's within 3-4 minutes walk from the Yarmouth ferry terminal.

It has 4 decent size bed rooms which sleep 7 people.
A large kitchen, dining room, living room, with a large garden ready for BBQ (a hot tub fitted too!).

Overlooking the dramatic Yarmouth estuary...yes, it's situated right next to the River Yar.
And that's where the name River Cottage comes from!

If you look inside...the taste of the interior is REALLY good.
Look outside...the view out there is totally breathtaking yet relaxing!

The owners kept this lovely original drawing on the wall which came with the house for generations.
It tells a lot about them?

They brought up three children in this house so the curtains, toys, bunkbeds... everything is real.
There is absolutely no fake coziness here!

This building is undoubtedly one of the best houses in Yarmouth.
And it will be a fantastic opportunity to experience a great example of the island life.

River Cottage

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