Wednesday 20 June 2018

We had an AMAZING opportunity to visit a local artist/illustrator Zoe Sadler's studio.
And...her vintage caravan!

She is originally from Scotland.
Now based in Freshwater Bay.

She is a classic Beetle driver, a paddle boarder, and an author of children's books!

Her studio is FULL of colours, monsters, and inspirations!

Being creative and talented is one thing.
And not letting in all the negativities in the world to your life, without being ignorant is not easy.

Perhaps being based on the Isle of Wight, especially in Freshwater Bay could play an important roll for her to achieve it?

Believe or not, she is now working on the artwork for Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale 2018, and we are SUPER excited!

Not only that, but also...

She is joining us at this summer's Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale with her vintage Thompson Caravan.
And offering a book reading to children!

Meeting an actual author is an exciting experience itself.

On top of that,  knowing and learning a fantastic example of an artist, the way she lives, works, and enjoys the life would be utterly inspiring to them, and grown ups of course!

We would love to believe that the education (or life even) is not just about getting a good job at council or being a banker.
Creating your own way of living is one of the most important skills for children to learn?

And here is one great example, and she is based just around the corner.
Seeing is believing, as they say!
If you can't wait for the event, you can see her work here:

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