Saturday 2 June 2018

Have you been to the Tapnell Farm?
Their opening was simply sensational to the Isle of Wight residents.

Indoor play barn,  restaurant, cafe, accommodation, and various animals in this location with breathtaking views...

Absolutely no surprise that they took off from the day one, and kept winning all the nationwide theme park awards!

First off, this indoor play barn is just mind blowing in many ways.

It's lined with tons of straw bales so the kids can run around very safely.
The smell of the mid summer is a bliss, regardless the weather! 

The pedal kart is a GREAT fun because the grown ups can get on with your kids (or on your own).
Or just watch your little ones driving the kart round and round, whilst you enjoy a coffee with your friends.

Love the way this open air barn lets in the fresh breeze and soft lights...
You would really appreciate this thoughts and care that owners would have put to when they had designed this play barn.

Climbing walls, zip wires, and slides and maze...
So many to do, yet this is only a small part of the farm!

This farm is family owned since 1960s.
It has been and still is a proper working dairy farm.

Then the new generation took over the management, this happened and obviously they did it SO well!

They have a wide range of animals here.
Highland cows, alpacas, pigmy goats, and pigs...
Wherever they came from, it's not hard to imagine they are enjoying this view, the sun, and the care!

The main indoor barn is a little village for the smaller animals.
Here, you will find rabbits, guinea pigs, dormice, and tropical insects, and lots more!

Their cafe is lovely.
You have a great choice of handmade sandwiches, pasties, cakes and biscuits.
The drinks are served in recyclable cups too so that would make it easier for you to carry on chasing kids.

The site is available for private parties too.
It would be an unforgettable memory for anyone!

Again this place lets in very soft and warm light.
You would even love watching the fine fluffs floating in the air!

Also you will notice the love and care to the animals from every single detail.

In fact it's the love and care for the staff, visitors, and the Isle of Wight even...

They have set a new direction of the future of this island!

Tapnell Farm

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