Monday 18 June 2018

The Isle of Wight is known as a home for a number of British native species.
It includes plants, birds, squirrels, and...seals!

Have to admit that it is quite rare to see a seal for even locals.
And you'll have much better chance of it when you're floating on the water.

Although, seal has been spotted from the Yarmouth bridge this summer, and even from the cafe table at the Gossips cafe in Yarmouth last winter never know!

Newtown Creek is such a picturesque place.

Fields, buildings, clouds, and yachts...
You would feel like you're in a some kind of painting.

Paddle past the iconic boathouse, one of the most photographed buildings on the island.

Then the tone of the sight starts changing very quickly...

The colour of the water gets much darker which indicates you're no longer in the creek.
The weathered wooden pegs are attracting loads of seaweeds.


Then, here she comes!


From farther to closer, and back, then closer again...
This time she even touched the paddle board!
Then followed all the way back to the creek, then went.

Back in the car, all dry and clean, have a sip of tea from the flask, and still you can't stop thinking about it...
It was truly a magical moment!

If you're thinking to live on the Isle of Wight...
It is HIGHLY recommended to get one of those inflatable paddle boards.
Even before you move into your new place, perhaps!

You'll never regret buying it.
You would only regret not buying it any earlier...proven!


Mid range like this would be more than good enough:

Or this Isle of Wight local brand Freshwater Bay Paddleboard & Co is superior!

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