Saturday 16 June 2018

Many of us know...
Nowadays local cafes act a bit like an indicator of the town.

Showing what direction the town is going to, and where people and the community's minds are.

The cafes that gets the most "votes" would stay in the business.
And they represents the town.

And the visitors judge the town, and people even, by the looks of the cafes...

But not to worry at all, we now have this great place!
The Freshwater Coffee House is the latest addition to the changing West Wight.

You will want to bring friends, kids, dogs, or laptop, and everyone will have a fantastic time here!


 Having been the largest town in the West Wight for centuries, Freshwater does provide all you need for the day to day life.

GP appointments, grab a few screws from the hardware shop, or drop off stuff to the charity shops...people come here, do that, then they all leave in the matter of the seconds which drains the warmth of the town over the period.

This cafe's challenge to set a "dam" to the fast flowing high street of Freshwater is progressing really well from the day one.

Great coffee, handmade cakes, tasty lunch menus, and their fantastic company...
It's VERY hard not to stop!

This place was opened up by a young family who moved to the Isle of Wight a few years ago.

They have a story, passion, and a great eye to the details, as well as the bigger picture of the community in the future which they are fully committed to.

HUGE and unconditional respect to those who can see the potential and jump in, make your dreams happen.
Being creative and give inspirations to the community, that's priceless.
(yet you only pay £2.50 for their coffee!)

So well done, no doubt that they will grow big in many ways.
So as the Freshwater Village!


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